Raja Ampat Marine Park Website

One of the key issues in environmental and resource management in Raja Ampat, is the lack of readily available and credible information with respect to management authority, rules and regulations, zoning, entry permits and tourism information.

The absence of an official platform by which to share this information, and any other key announcements, results directly in confusion, lack of knowledge, understanding, and difficulty complying with existing laws and regulations designed to protect and best manage the sensitive marine environment. Put simply, if you can’t find the rules.. how can you possible follow them?

Together with The Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority and a collaborating NGO, The SEA People developed and published the official website of the Raja Ampat Marine Park.  This dual language, custom built website is designed to provide information to a large number of stakeholders to assist with governance and compliance. Beyond just ‘a website’, it is the first of its kind for a Marine Park or National Park in Indonesia, compiling and clearly listing and stating all relevant legislation in an easy to access and understand format.


www.rajaampatmarine.park (English) and www.kkprajaampat.com (Bahasa Indonesia) outlines clearly, amongst other things:

  • MPA locations and descriptions
  • Zoning Regulation, including easy to understand tables outlining activities permitted/forbidden in each MPAs and the Zones within
  • A clear list of rules and regulations within MPAs
  • Entry requirements for tourism and all vessels types
  • General information regarding local communities and culture
Raja Ampat Marine Park Website

This website will form the basis of a number of future communications designed to increase stakeholder awareness, support compliance and ultimately help provide better protection for the Marine Park. The SEA People are currently also supporting the development of additional communications resources intended for local communities and villages within the region – who don’t necessary use or have access to the internet, and require culturally applicable forms of information sharing.

Raja Ampat Marine Park Website Tablet View
raja ampat marine park website smartphone view